Science is a common good and is very useful to mankind. Science has radically changed man's life on the earth. With the development of science, the helpers have been able to develop their knowledge.
Science in the broadest sense denotes the organized body of verified and documented knowledge. In a more limited sense, science refers to a system of acquiring knowledge based on the scientific method, as well as to the organization and classification of the acquired knowledge in this way.
​Τhe scientific fields are usually integrated into four major groups, Faculty and natural sciences, Social sciences, Human sciences, Applied sciences: 
  • Faculty and natural sciences: they deal with the study of natural phenomena and typical systems based on observation, experiment and logic.
  • Social sciences: they deal with the study of human behavior and human society, on the basis of observation and logic.
  • Human sciences: dealing with the exploration of humanity through logic and art.
  • Applied sciences: they deal with practical problem solving through systematic methodologies and the scientific foundation of these methods.