The European Center for Open Innovation, Science & Culture is a nonprofit organization founded in 2017, in Athens, Greece by Scientists and Researchers each one of whom are experts in the fields of Innovation, Science, Culture and Education in Europe.

Among the main aims of the Center are:


1. The deterrence of emigration flow (brain drain) of scientists abroad and the repatriation of Greek scientists who live abroad.

2. The promotion of high technology science through the formation of intra-scientific teams which will mainly consist of young scientists possessing upper-level academic qualifications in order to prevent the emigration of young scientists.

3. The provision of care and help to scientists coming from war zone areas such as Syria, Africa etc. and, in general, groups of scientists who are in need of help.

4. The promotion of cooperation among young scientists by giving them the opportunity to participate in the writing, research, implementation and submission of suggestions with the aim to raise funds via the funded European programs and other financial resources for the development of new products and services in order to benefit countries and humanity.

Top aim of the European Center for Open Innovation, Science and Culture is to promote, save and preserve of the World Cultural Heritage and to sensitize the society within this frame.